Internastional Conference of Islamic Economic System: DINAR WILL BE BACK


Moslem people have trapped on economic problem. The using of monetary system in the world, that is unIslamic, influences the Islamic/Moslem countries. One of the example, let us say, is financial crisis that strikes America last year. The effect influences other countries including Moslem countries. The evidences that Moslem countries do not have independence in monetary aspect.

Returning to dinar-dirham as shariah currecies is a solution to the world monetary problems. Today, this topic attracts so many allentions of Moslems to discuss. However, this issue appears devides Moslem People into to polarpro and contra. Therefore, STEI Hamfara is planning to organize some intelletual events will discuss about financial problems among Moslem people.

In order to organize this event, STEI Hamfara asks CISMOR-Doshisha University Japan, and LEBI UGM, to be partners  in our program. Some Islamic economics scholars have staled their readiness to support our event. They are Prof. Umar Ibrahim Vadillo, Ir. Dwi Condro Triono, M.Ag, Prof. Hasan Kameel Meera and Prof Hasan Ko Nakata.


  1. To give description to the society, especially scholars, the problems which are caused by non-metal currency standart.
  2. To give normative and empirica argument of the using of the dinar-dirham currency.
  3. To find the real oath for dinar-dirham currency implimentation.
  4. To find solutions for problems which are caused by didn’t apply dinar-dirham currency system.


A. International Conference : Dinar will be Back

June 27 2009

Auditorium Magister Management UGM

Participant: Scholars and students which are aware of Islamic Economics

B. Lecturers Intensive Discussion : Challenge of Islamic Economics Educastion

June 28 2009

Audiovisual Room FE UGM

Participant: Lectures of university in Yogyakarta

C. Studium General : The Prospect and Application of Dinar-Dirham

June 29 2009


Participant: Students


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